Thursday, 7 November 2013

Being Greatful..


Alhamdulillah..Syukur sangat2..

So many things happen this year..On 1st August i got a job from my lecturer..Thanks Madam!

On "someday" i got a "crush".. and.. the rest is history..make me feeling bad and so uncomfortable..just another "kenangan" i create..

On 27 September.. i meet my best friend forever..haha..thanks cause we make it after 6 years!! No awkward!!! LOL..

I graduate on 4 October..Thanks mom, dad and grandny plus 2 little "twin" for coming..thanks for your support and flower and teddy bear..hehehe

Then, I had attend Dr Azizan's seminar on 26 October..with mom and ep..such a great event and i'm so grateful!!

On 28 October, officially i got offer letter to continue MA..

and the must go on..


P.S : Hlovate teach me that u can show your interest through yourself..Just be what you are but as long as u get guide from Al-Quran and As-Sunnah..


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