Friday, 28 June 2013

About 4 years !!!


Yes..don't know what is the suitable tittle..ahaks..
oho..what should i do??
next year..
what i hope is may Allah bless us.. :D

About 4 it's end!!!
4 years such a student's life at Uni of Malaya..
So many memories..
I'm very thankful..
one word can describe.. GREAT!!!

On 25th June 2013..
It's the last day..
With friends..
So happy..
Sad and laugh together..
Just think as matured lady..
Just forward and never turn back..
Bring a sweet sour memories..
Never sad and no cry..

Just do what you think..
I'm here..
Bring all the experience..
And wanna make a bright future..

From bottom of my heart..
Thank you lectures at Department Syariah & Law UM..
A bundle of love to my super great friends "Sahabat JSU 2009-2013"
Most important to my family and my best friend..
Thank you so much..

p/s: hopefully..all my dreams comes true..insyaAllah..ameen..wassalam.. :')

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