Friday, 13 January 2012

Exam Mood

Assalamualaikum..first of all i know that sooo many time i'm not update my blog..
Just know i'm still on exam mood..woshhh...
Sometimes i feel happy,confuse and dont know what to do..
When i finish my paper,i'm rushing to go HOME..
Why??I miss HOME so much..
Sometimes i feel like something missing..
Guess what??
My cat..Hurmm so boring..
And the lineinternet is like NAK MINTAK PENAMPAR,boleh???
Owh MAXIS berukband!!!!
Just know outside corridor ,heavy raining..
Wish makes me cool..and sleepy..
So i've decide to coret2 on my blogie..huhu..
I know that my otak maybe tgh be cool eh wawa!!
So,thats all..I just write that something in my head..
and the conclusion is..................

NOTHING!! hahahaha...

ok,wassalam..may Allah bless us :)

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